1. Chorten of the Himalayan Club (Colonel Ashok Abbey)
2. Now that I’m old... (Aamir Ali)
3. Kellas Peak Revisited (George W. Rodway & Jeremy S.Windsor)
4. Silent Witness (Dr. Mark Turin)
5. Expedition to Eastern Tibet, 2009 (Tamotsu (Tom) Nakamura)
6. Pemako (Harish Kapadia)
7. Geologic Formation of the Himalaya (Rasoul Sorkhabi)
8. Retracing the Footsteps of Frank Smythe (Ashutosh Mishra)
9. The First Ascent of Changuch and a Crossing of Traill’s Pass (Martin Moran)
10. Mountains, Masjids and Monasteries (Bernadette McDonald)
11. Polish Expeditions to the Lahaul Himalaya in 1973 and 2008 (Pawel Krawczyk und Piotr Paprzycki)
12. Exploration of Reru Valley (Kimikazu Sakamoto)
13. Glacier Mapping in India since the 19th Century (Rakesh Bhambri, Tobias Bolch & Ravinder Kumar Chaujar)
14. Plateau Peak Indian-American Expedition, 2009 (Divyesh Muni)
15. Future is here.... (Harish Kapadia)
16. Expeditions and Notes... : 1. The Dunhuang Grottoes (Dr Manohar Singh Gill), 2. In the Footsteps of the Faithful (V. K. Sashindran and Sangeetha Sashindran), 3. Tarns between the Yeti and the Army (Ranganathan Lakshmi), 4. A Summary of the Badri-Kedar Crossings (W. M. (Bill) Aitken), 5. A Small Blank on the Map (Daniela Teixeira), 6. Trek to Kanasar Lake (Maninder Kohli), 7. Journey of a Pilgrim (Chinmoy Chakrabarti), 8. Chungsakhago (Tapan Pandit), 9. Recalling Spiti, 1956 (Garry Walker), 10. Indian-American-British 2009 Saser Kangri II Expedition (Mark Richey), 11. Kabru 1883, a Reassessment (Willy Blaser), 12. Cho Oyu, The mountain beyond reach (Colonel Ashok Abbey)
17. Book Reviews
18. Charles Snead Houston - Life in Pictures
19. In Memoriam: 1. Charles Snead Houston 2. Robert (Bob) Lawford 3. John William Rolfe Kempe 4. Lalit Chari 5. Serbjeet Singh
20. Correspondence
21. The Himalayan Club Newsletter No. 63

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